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Reggie Boone


Singer, Songwriter, Host 

Reggie Boone is a singer/songwriter born in Kinston, North Carolina. Like many others with southern roots he grew up singing in the church. 

So, at a very early age he experienced, firsthand, the incredible power of song and knew it would always be an integral part of his life. Reggie’s musical style has been described as a smooth fusion between R&B/soul and gospel. As an artist he has always relied deeply on his faith which drives him to write songs that he hopes will connect with listeners on an emotional and spiritual level. According to Reggie, “I want to create music that will inspire men women and children to love God and to love one another until the end of time. Never afraid to be bold with his pen and loud with his voice, Reggie’s current single, “No More” tackles the intersection between social justice and race that continue to plague urban communities across our nation. The track is a result of his collaboration with Felton Pilate of the legendary funk group CONFUNKSHUN! The two also collaborated on Reggie’s independent CD Made of Love released in 2018 on the UK’s Ramrock Records. “No More” is the first release off Reggie’s new CD entitled In A Perfect World on his independent label Momma Momma Records. The official video for “No More” debuted on @MichaelBaisdenLive in September on both Facebook and Instagram and has racked up more than 70,000 views. “I want to support artists like Reggie Boone, who like the greats, Marvin Gaye, Gill Scott Heron and Curtis Mayfield create music with a message,” said Baisden. Reggie now resides in Atlanta and with its rich cultural landscape as a backdrop he is also developing an online cooking show called What’s Cooking with Reggie Boone and Chef Chenoa Douglass. During each episode the co-hosts will serve viewers with a variety of segments to include a tasty dish of the week, hot topics of the week, song of the week and, in keeping with his faith, a scripture of the week. In his spare time, when he’s not writing music and performing Reggie enjoys meditation and supporting initiatives that both honors and supports fathers committed to developing and maintaining healthy relationships with their children and families. In a Perfect World is available now for download on all digital platforms. 

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